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Senior Associate

Melissa Christianes

Senior Associate

Melissa Christianes, S.H., M.H.

Senior Associate

Practice Areas:
Civil, Criminal, Corruption Crime

Melissa Christianes started her career as Education and Training Staff for the Indonesia City Council Association (Asosiasi DPRD Kota Seluruh Indonesia - ADEKSI) as well as Administrative Staff for the Indonesia Regional Government Association (Asosiasi Pemerintah Kabupaten Seluruh Indonesia - APKASI).

She earned her first bachelor’s degree in Information System from Gunadarma University in West Java. While working in ADEKSI, she continued her education in law study at Krisnadwipayana University in Jakarta and became a Bachelor of Law. She started her professional career in the fields of law in 2008 as a Junior Associate who also handled finances at Alfonso & Partners Law Office. Due to her strong desire to learn and continue to improve self-quality, Melissa continued her education and earned a master’s degree in Law from Krisnadwipayana University.

Melissa has strong experiences in handling Civil and Criminal cases, especially Corruption Crimes. Melissa was also part of the Advocacy Team for the Presidential and Regional Legislative Election. She rejoined Alfonso Law Firm as a Senior Associate in 2019.